Secure Document Management


StructDB is a robust document management system. It enables rapid search and retrieval of all project documents and in-line viewing of all PDFs. It supports an unlimited number of concurrent users and controls access via permissions.

Because StructDB is a thin client, documents are viewed much more rapidly than in a web browser. StructDB indexes all PDF documents and allows users to search through thousands of documents for key information in a fraction of a second.


Full-text Search

StructDB offers full text indexing and search within all PDF documents. Users can find the documents they need and the information within them in seconds.

Each search result allows you to view the PDF documents right away and save them locally, if desired. Because StructDB is a thin client running on Terminal Services, very large PDF documents can be viewed with almost no delay.


Project Documents

Each project has its own document section, allowing easy uploading, downloading, and inline viewing of PDF documents related to a specific project. 

Similarly, each project document is viewed inline, with almost no delay.

Past Site Visits

Past site visits can be revisited clicking on the folder icon, or viewed in PDF format by clicking on the magnifying glass.


Finally, StructDB can automatically compile notfication reports for missing project documents and email all participants.

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