StructDB has extensive report generation capabilities built in. Site Visit Reports, Analysis Charts, management reports, overview reports, requisition histories, invoices, cover pages -- all use standardized terminology and clear formatting, and are created with the click of a button.


Site Visit Reports
Structs Site Visit reports are extensive yet remarkably easy to understand. They capture all aspects of a site visit, including budgets, schedule, materials, test reports and much more.


management report

Management Reports
Management reports allow high level auditors to examine an entire construction loan portfolio at a glance. Problem projects can be identified and prioritized quickly, saving time, money, and potentially, disasters. The report displays key summary information about each project, including budget and schedule information, as well as other data points which can heavily impact risk.


requisition history report

Requisition Histories
Get a track record of disbursements for a project at the click of a button.


Overview Reports
Learn key details of a project in a few pages, such as schedule of values by item and by division, as well critical schedule and budget details.


These are merely some of the reports which StructDB generates. To learn more, contact us for more information.

overview report

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