CMC has evaluated its business resiliency and business continuity plans regarding disruptions which may occur regarding possible employee quarantine, restricted office building access, communications and travel as a result of the coronavirus. Below please find our response to some common questions regarding CMC's ability and preparedness to continue Business As Usual (BAU) in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

Overview: CMC's business continuation plan is adequate, and we are fully capable of producing work product independent of third party software systems. CMC utilizes its own proprietary technology platform (StructDB software) and maintains its own private server. CMC is a 100% digital company. CMC employs technology which allows it to receive, utilize, manage, analyze and publish electronic documents exclusively.

Work Production and Systems Access: CMC professional staff have the ability to access work files and produce work product from multiple work sites including the office, remotely from home and/or anywhere from the road while traveling. Each CMC team member has fully functional remote desktop and/or laptop computer system access. CMC does not require hard paper documents for our work processes and CMC does not issue a hard paperwork product. As such, CMC does not rely on local, regional or national mail or package delivery company services for any of its business operations.

On Site Inspections: We will continue to perform site visits as usual, with certain additional health and safety precautions being taken while on site (practicing safe social distancing and good personal hygiene).

Business Travel: The vast majority of our travel to projects is via automobile and we see no reason for travel disruption at this time. We will continue to evaluate airline travel and advise our clients if any delays or interruptions are expected.

Client/Customer Meetings: CMC staff will refrain from all on-site meetings and other personal contact situations. CMC initiated contractor and/or project team meetings will be held remotely (via conf call, Go-To-Meeting or other means) until further notice.

Client/Customer Communication: Each CMC team member has a cell phone (assigned individual number) with texting ability, voice mail and mobile email access. CMC's main phone system is a virtual internet-based system and can be accessed via mobile phone or laptop by each CMC team member anytime/anywhere.

Overall BAU: If our staff remains healthy and we need to work remote or certain employees are quarantined; we still expect to perform very near full capacity and continue business as usual (BAU). Any decline in BAU could be caused by matters outside the control of CMC including restricted project access, internet connection speed at remote sites and inefficient communications with clients/customers who may experience their own business interruption issues as a result of the effects of the coronavirus outbreak.

If you have any questions or other concerns, please contact us.